Team Overview:

The Kingdom Performance Basketball Club consists of athletes who have been selected due to tremendous work ethic and potential to perform at a high level. We provide an eye-opening experience for our players to grasp what the “Next Level” looks and feels like. Our focus is to  develop the complete player through our training methods, then position them to make their dreams become a reality. We are active in the community through a variety of outreach projects that empowers others. This comprehensive program is designed to empower players on and off the court. 

Team Philosophy:

We strive for excellence in all that we do. No corners will be cut, and the best interest of the team will always remain at the forefront. This is a structured program that teaches the game. We implement methods that enable our players to improve individually within the compounds of the team. This is a defensive minded, highly conditioned team, that works every possession. Above all, character is an essential component within the organization.


Our coaching staff is very detailed and passionate about the game. Our years of coaching and playing, has prepared us to properly develop athletes. We strive to provide a positive learning experience that will motivate players to perform at a high level. Not only do we serve as coaches, but mentors to provide guidance to our players. 

(Coaches are not related to players.)

Practice & Tournaments:

Teams will practice and train 2 times per week, for 2 hours each session. Practices are very important for the development of our athletes and teams. Sessions will include complete skill work, strength, conditioning, and game principles. Teams will have film sessions that will aid in there development as well. Teams will play in 2 tournaments per month. Our elite teams will travel. 

Playing Time:

As a competitive program, evenly distributed playing time is not guaranteed. While our goal is to give players meaningful minutes to put their skills to the test, that is not always possible due to game time situations. Coaches are open to discussing playing time with players and parents 24 hours after the event is over.

Honor Code:

As a member of the Kingdom Performance organization, coaches, players, and parents, are asked to uphold a high level of integrity while representing the brand. We are committed to providing a positive and healthy environment for our players, that will give them the tools to succeed after the ball stops bouncing. For us its Bigger Than Basketball!


Our innovative recovery systems is an added bonus to the training process. The NormaTec compression is a dynamic tool that reduces soreness and inflammation to the applied area. This approach enables athletes to recovery faster, and supports on-court performance.

Team Fees:

Our fees are $250/monthly.